Take Care of Your Dental Bridge By Doing These Things

Your dental bridge in , , is a strong and reliable dental restoration, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be taken care of. Even though your bridge is made of materials that aren’t subject to tooth decay, you still need to keep it in tip-top shape if you want it to last for… Read more »

A Dental Bleaching Treatment Can Safely Whiten Deeply Stained Teeth

Many people feel that a white and winning smile plays into their favor in many of life’s social settings. However, if you enjoy dark foods and beverages on a regular basis, it can darken and dull the luster of your tooth enamel. If minor surface stains aren’t removed on a timely basis, they can set… Read more »

The Halloween Hygiene Checklist

Have you been doing enough to care for your oral health this season? Do you keep up healthy oral cleaning habits before, during, and after the Halloween season? Below is a list of questions, to help you hone your skills: – Do you avoid highly acidic foods, such as sour candies? – Do you avoid… Read more »

Dental Jokes to Spice Up Your Halloween Season

As Halloween rounds the corner and heads toward us, it’s time to get in the festive mood! To help you do so, our team has provided some fun Halloween dental jokes for you and your family members. We hope you enjoy them! Q: What kind of toothpaste do vampires buy? A: Ultra-Bite Q: What do… Read more »

Teeth Clenching: The Harmful Effects

Did you know that clenching your teeth, which is also known as bruxism, can occur while you’re sleeping or when you’re awake? This issue can actually lead to a number of serious issues. Many people clench their teeth without realizing what they’re doing. This is especially problematic because you may clench your teeth while you’re… Read more »

Tobacco Use Can Affect Your Oral Health in Several Different Ways

Each year more and more Americans are ceasing tobacco use to improve their overall health. At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control estimate that nearly 40 million Americans still use some form of tobacco product. While many people are aware of the threats tobacco use poses to circulatory and respiratory health, Dr. Razan… Read more »

How to Deal With Canker Sores

Canker sores are usually small white or yellow round sores inside the mouth that can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Fortunately, the normal ones tend to lessen in pain after only a few days and are gone within a week or two. While not all of the causes of canker sores are known,… Read more »

All About Wearing Whitening Strips to Maintain Your White Smile

The tooth-polishing treatment in your regular dental checkup or the professional tooth-bleaching treatment that is administered by your dentist, Dr. , will only whiten your teeth for a limited amount of time. If you enjoy dark foods and beverages on a regular basis, you will need to find a way to remove mild surface stains… Read more »

The Dangers Associated With Oral Piercings

If you’re considering piercing your lip, tongue, or cheek, then our team encourages you to think about the dangers that are associated with oral piercings in , . Some dangers that are associated include: -Infections: There are high amounts of bacteria in your mouth, and because you create a wound with a piercing, there is… Read more »

An Unappealing Tooth Can Be Improved With a Crown

Chips, stains, past dental work, and other imperfections can have a serious negative impact on the appearance of your smile. Many people with one or more teeth like this will often seek to consult with Dr. to explore the most effective measure for improving the unappealing tooth. One of the most effective ways to address… Read more »