The Consequences of Skipping Your Bi-Annual Teeth Cleanings

We know that your time is valuable and we understand how visiting the dentist could seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Similarly, we understand thinking that two visits a year could be excessive, but skipping these bi-annual cleanings can lead to a number of issues.

Did you know that our team does more during these appointments than clean your teeth and send you on your way? In reality, during these appointments, we’ll inspect your pearly whites for potential signs of trouble.

For example, we’ll look for abnormalities that could be indicators of oral cancer. These abnormalities could be in the form of lumps or discoloration in your mouth. We’ll also look for signs of gum disease. Sadly, these symptoms can actually be hard to recognize. Fortunately, our team will be able to recognize these symptoms and help you cope with these issues.

We’ll also inspect your pearly whites for signs of tooth decay. While tooth decay may not seem too serious, if you don’t address these issues, cavities could form and could eventually kill your tooth. If you don’t address your gum disease, you could also be more vulnerable to a number of problems. For instance, if decay isn’t addressed, you could eventually need a tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or other treatments.

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