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Crowns & Bridges

If you have one or more missing teeth, dental bridges might be a great solution. Along with dental crowns, these high-quality devices are one of many treatments available from the team at Time Square Dental Group in Pasadena, Texas. Learn more about crowns and bridges during a face-to-face dental exam and consultation, which can be booked online or over the phone today.

What are crowns and bridges?

Dental crowns are porcelain-made caps that protect and restore the health of damaged teeth. Not only are most “capped” teeth indecipherable from your natural teeth, but they’re also extremely secure and comfortable.

A dental bridge is an appliance that replaces one or several missing teeth. This restoration is considered permanent because the device is not removable without a separate dental procedure. 

Dental bridges consist of one or more false teeth connected by a metal framework and held in place by dental crowns on each side. There is also an option called a cantilever dental bridge that can be secured by only one dental crown. 

What are some benefits of crowns and bridges?

Crowns can fix a wide range of dental problems, helping to restore everyday functions like biting and chewing as well as maintain the overall appearance of your smile. The process of getting a crown is simple and customized to your smile. Crowns are designed to last a long time with proper oral care. 

Dental bridges, also called bridgework, are a good option for those who want to restore the appearance and function of their smile but aren’t good candidates for dental implants. They are also suitable for those who have multiple missing teeth but want to retain their healthy natural teeth instead of moving toward dentures. 

Bridgework is less expensive than dental implants, and the process takes less time to complete. It’s important to understand that even though dental bridges are considered permanent, they may eventually need to be repaired. 

Replacing missing teeth can help prevent your natural teeth from shifting out of position. Bridgework also helps you speak and eat normally, and it lets you feel great about the appearance of your smile.

What is the process for getting crowns and bridges?

Once you and your dentist decide to move forward with bridgework, you’ll come in to have the anchoring teeth prepared for your new dental crowns. Your dentist removes a small portion of natural tooth tissue to make room for the crowns. 

Next, a set of impressions is taken to determine the exact size, shape, and placement of the prepared teeth. This creates a model the dental lab uses to craft your customized crowns and the false tooth or teeth (called pontics). 

You’ll receive a temporary bridge to wear until the permanent version arrives. At that point, you’ll return to have the new bridge checked for fit. Once the anchoring crowns are cemented into place, the bridge is complete.  

Dental crowns can also be placed on natural teeth that are damaged or weakened by advanced decay, cracks, chips, or large fillings. They offer the chance to protect the tooth and restore the appearance of your smile without the need for extraction. 

To explore dental crowns and bridges in more detail, call Time Square Dental Group to set up a visit. Online booking is also an option and can be done from the comfort of home, any time of day or night.