The Halloween Hygiene Checklist

Have you been doing enough to care for your oral health this season? Do you keep up healthy oral cleaning habits before, during, and after the Halloween season? Below is a list of questions, to help you hone your skills:

– Do you avoid highly acidic foods, such as sour candies?
– Do you avoid hard candies or sticky candies, due to an increased risk of tooth decay?
– Are you limiting yourself to sweets at mealtime, by skipping out on between-meal snack time?
– Have you ever prepared for Halloween with a Candy Plan, often used to prevent yourself and your family from going overboard?
– Do you dispose of any additional candy after the holiday, to prevent snacking on sugary sweets for weeks?
– Do you visit your dentist at least every six months for an oral exam and professional cleaning?
– Do you brush after eating sugary sweets, to prevent plaque buildup?
– Have you been opting for healthier options, when candy is present?
– Do you typically use cleaning products that are dentist-approved, or with an ADA Seal of Acceptance?

If you answered yes to all nine questions, congratulations! You are well on your way to being a Halloween hygiene superstar!

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From all of us at Time Square Dental Group, have a safe and hauntingly happy Halloween!